NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
bfckBrainfuck interpreter with breakpoint support Chris Noxz2019-09-15 11:54
cidr2ipSmall and simple program for converting a CIDR into a netmask Chris Noxz2019-09-01 19:36
dotfilesMy collection of dotfiles Chris Noxz2020-06-30 14:29
endriloImplementation of the endrilo cipher in c Chris Noxz2020-02-27 20:26
ip2cidrSmall and simple program for converting a netmask into a CIDR Chris Noxz2018-08-10 08:23
mpvdSimple daemonization script for mpv with controller Chris Noxz2019-05-04 08:18
noxz-sitesA collection of a builder and various scripts creating the sites Chris Noxz2020-06-20 09:08
readvtcReads values from /sys/module/vt/parameters/default_<color> Chris Noxz2020-04-03 16:03
rspanExecutes a given command after a randomized time span. Chris Noxz2019-01-03 18:46
satan-gh60Configuration for my GH60 mechanical keyboard. Chris Noxz2019-11-11 19:30
srfinderQuick tool for measuring distance over time using a RPi Chris Noxz2020-09-04 13:38
swpsStatic Web Page Server Chris Noxz2019-08-04 21:32
tapasA small program used for compiling refer output into the APA reference format. Chris Noxz2020-07-11 13:21
voxabdoImplementation of the voxabdo cipher in c Chris Noxz2020-02-29 10:37
wikidA quick and simple CLI-program for downloading and rendering wikipedia pages in the terminal. Chris Noxz2019-09-06 16:39
xrectdrawDraw geometry of a rectangular screen region Chris Noxz2019-11-01 21:17
ztatusStatus bar for dwm, and simple notification daemon. Chris Noxz2020-03-31 08:13
NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
dmenu-noxz[fork] suckless dmenu - personal fork Hiltjo Posthuma2020-06-09 08:28
dwm-noxz[fork] suckless dwm - personal fork Anselm R Garbe2020-06-09 07:27
loksh-noxz[fork] a Linux port of OpenBSD's ksh Michael Rendell2019-10-08 19:04
scron-noxz[fork] simple cron daemon Dimitris Papastamos2019-09-19 15:20
slock-noxz[fork] simple X display locker utility Anselm R Garbe2019-09-19 12:46
smu-noxz[fork] simple markup - markdown like syntax Enno Boland2020-04-14 07:27
st-noxz[fork] suckless st - personal fork Hiltjo Posthuma2019-12-28 17:09