Draw geometry of a rectangular screen region
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README.md (1267B)

      1 xrectdraw
      2 =========
      3 A small program used to draw rectangles on X11. The idea came when I needed
      4 something to indicate screen recordings for a small script using ffmpeg. I used
      5 xrectsel for selecting the region for ffmpeg to capture, so I kinda got the
      6 inspiration from there.
      8 xrectdraw actually draws four windows making up the borders of the rectangle.
      9 This means no compositor is needed, the root window isn't hogged and the region
     10 is not overlaied.
     12 Installation
     13 ------------
     14 Edit config.mk to match your local setup (xrectdraw is installed into the
     15 /usr/local namespace by default), then simply enter the following command to
     16 install (if necessary as root):
     18     make clean install
     20 Customization
     21 -------------
     22 xrectdraw can be customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the
     23 source code.
     25 Usage
     26 -----
     27 Together with the source code is a script called *screenrec.sh* which is a fine
     28 example of how xrectdraw can be used. The program is used like this:
     30     xrectdraw 10 20 100 200 \#ff0000 3:2:3:2
     32 The example above draws a rectangle, 100px wide, 200px heigh at the position
     33 (x:10px, y:20px). The borders are red, the top and bottom are 3px wide and the
     34 right and left are 2pc wide.
     36 License
     37 -------
     38 The project is licensed under the MIT license.