Draw geometry of a rectangular screen region
git clone git://git.noxz.tech/xrectdraw
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2019-11-01 21:17Fix minor error with new linesChris Noxz1+2-2
2019-11-01 19:29Large commit with Makefile, license, config and moreChris Noxz7+210-56
2019-11-01 14:48Add better usage text. Add variable sized borders.Chris Noxz2+66-20
2019-11-01 14:05Add 'die' functionChris Noxz1+14-1
2019-11-01 13:50Add screenrec.sh as example usage of xrectdrawChris Noxz1+21-0
2019-11-01 13:43Add .gitignoreChris Noxz1+1-0
2019-10-31 17:33Handle focus, and toggle on clickChris Noxz1+39-9
2019-10-31 15:00Initial commitChris Noxz1+146-0