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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -19,17 +19,44 @@ Programming languages I currently use, or have used --------------------------------------------------- To avoid creating a long list I will name the languages I feel worth naming, and leave out languages like *brainfuck*, markup languages and other -non-programming languages. I've worked as a so called "development engineer", +non-programming languages. I've worked as a so called *development engineer*, so I've come in contact with a lot of different languages during that time. **C**, the language of Unix, is the main language I use, which is by far my favorite. It's fast, precise and, given a good hacker, can look absolutely beautiful. C was one of the first languages I learned using. ++ [References]( ++ Compilers + + [gcc]( - the GNU compiler collection + + [lcc]( - a retargetable compiler + for ANSI C + + [sdcc]( - small device C compiler + + [tcc]( - tiny C compiler + +**Haskell**, an advanced, purely functional programming language. It's amazing +for purely mathematical functions and of course works for most other things +too. Its so called lazy evaluation makes it easy to work with large to +infinite data sets. + ++ [References]( ++ Compilers + + [GHC]( - Glasgow Haskell Compiler, less + commonly known as The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System. GHC is the + de facto standard compiler if you want fast code. + + [UHC]( - Utrecht Haskell Compiler, a Haskell + implementation from Utrecht University. UHC supports almost all Haskell 98 + and Haskell 2010 features plus many experimental extensions. + + [LHC]( - The LLVM LHC Haskell Optimization + System, a newly reborn project to build a working Haskell 2010 compiler out + of reusable blocks. + **Python** is another language I like to use, not for it's ^hyper optimized performance^, but for it's fast way of prototyping ideas. Python is almost never the language I use for a finished result. ++ [References]( + **JavaScript** is NOT a language I use, anymore. I used to use it quite a lot for a while, writing so called web applications. They often worked very well at first, but due to web applications nature they grew too much and too fast, and @@ -39,3 +66,6 @@ willingness to ignore errors instead of failing hard when it should. JavaScript just accepts anything you throw at it, and not in a good way. Global variables makes your life a living hell, where you never know what will and have affected them. Avoid it! + ++ [Why does javascript +suck?](